Female Techites are excited to be able to support women’s growth and progression. Our Female Techites 2020 programme in Africa and the UK has included web development, chatbots, woocommerce, games development and leadership and more. 



Launched 9th October 2020

Our Ladies have made much progress. Have a look at the ENDSARS chatbot they developed.


Women into Tech Programme


Designed to stimulate the interest of women in technology, as well as careers in the STEM fields.

Women gain the ability to understand the dynamic nature of technology. 

Fluency in Tech

Learning about how technology is used to build robots, develop mobile phone applications, computer programs, electronic games and websites helps women to understand the world of opportunity available to women. We demonstrate the potential for becoming fluent in coding.

achieve potential

Jobs in tech are defined by  problem solving and creativity. Our role model leadership supports the development of interaction, social and emotional skills essential to engaging with individuals and companies at both a local and global level.

Future Careers

Developing tech skills and know-how can place woman on a track to future careers in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Future prosperity

Building digital skills will develop women’s economic resilience. In addition, it will prime the economy for a boost in innovation. This will aid Nigeria’s future prosperity and economic competitiveness. 

future leaders

Building the confidence to go head to head with the challenges that arise. 

Be bold. Be the role models we know you can be.

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Dr Dieu Hack-Play

Associate Professor at the University of Lincoln.

"We transform you into visionary role models paving the way for future woman in tech.

Our Experts

Experts in technology, deliver live online sessions getting you excited about tech.

"We share our knowledge to help change the conversation about women in technology and support you in becoming the driving force in technological disruption."