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A thriving community for women to build technological fluency and economic resilience through technology, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Organising programmes to enrich your life.

Welcome to Female Techites

I want to say welcome. I am glad you found us and I hope we can help you achieve your dreams and realise new ones.

Dr Elizabeth Shaw

Female Techites

As a STEM advocate and a champion for diversity and inclusion, I seek to create opportunities that bring about the development, transformation and economic growth that we all want to happen. 

Hello. Aspiring Female Techites

It’s never too early for tech and it’s never to late become a Female Techite.

A few things we do to help 


We develop transformative role model leaders in tech.
You will get access to technology and leadership training. 

The supportive environment we cultivate is fundamental to the success of our Female Techites.



Female techites get access to technology training.

Those interested in exploring tech will be able to engage in programmes that will equip them with knowledge to begin a journey of exploration in tech and undertake further study.



Our programmes are described as life-changing. We support, engage, and motivate people on their journey into tech awareness. 

Our mentoring offers insight into potential careers, CV building, brand development, interview preparation, and more.



A forward thinking community where people practise tech diversity and inclusivity.

We welcome people from all backgrounds to help us give opportunities to women so they can find their best future. 


Our ambition is to help women harness the power of technology.

We want to increase economic resilience by empowering women to become digitally motivated. 

In this way we are working towards closing the digital gap and helping solve the global tech shortage.


We are building the foundation for a pool of tech-savvy women and preparing these talents for a future of remote work with local and global companies. 

We organise programmes to enrich your life by developing your digital literacy. 

We collaborate with organisations and individuals worldwide to accelerate the delivery of change.

Female Techite


Join our community of women. It serves as a catalyst to facilitate achievement of career, work and business start-up goals. Share experiences and promote women by spreading the knowledge and skills you learn.

We are a community of support for women to open up a world of opportunities for equitable participation in tech.

The supportive environment we cultivate is fundamental to the success of our Female Techites. 

Upcoming Programmes

Our next series of programmes are taking place in Africa.

Applications for our 9 week programme in Africa are open now.

Register your interest for our programmes in the Caribbean. 

We are looking to support women in other countries in Africa, Caribbean and underserved communities around the world.



We are looking for passionate advocates to support the work we do.

We work with a number of institutions, companies and individuals.

These partnerships enable a rich diversity in tech and help to grow talent and maximise potential.

As we expand into more countries, we need your help to accelerate gender equality in tech across the globe.

Together we can make greater impact.


For employers, our programmes give a first-hand view of our female techites providing a future talent pool.

Work experience takes various forms, such as shadowing employees, visit days, live projects, and directly working for an employer. 


For sponsors and advocates, support our Female Techites and make a difference to a Woman’s life.


Support our growth and development enabling us to reach more women who can support the growth of the tech industry and their communities.


We look forward to welcoming you as mentor, career advisor, speaker, trainer, tech expert and advocate, willing to give some of your time to developing the motivation and talent of our female techites.

There are opportunities available for you to help change a Woman’s life.


If you would like to partner with us, please do get in touch.

Building interest in tech is critically important. We need your support and knowledge of country dynamics to enable us to effectively support women in countries around the world where tech education and training is not easily accessible. 

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